Find trolls in primordial caves

Adventure and excitement await those who want to explore one of Sweden's largest ancient caves - Trollegater!

The large cave, where, according to folklore in the past, trolls lived, is the most interesting. Through a narrow walk you come to a hall, the cave hall, where it was believed that the trolls had their parties. At the far end of the hall there are openings to two long passageways that are connected to each other at the far end. The height of the cave varies. In several places you can stand upright while other places require you to crawl your way. In addition to the large cave, there are a number of smaller caves and burrows to discover.

Anyone who wants to stay above ground can walk in the long and wide cracks –"gates". Soft clothes and flashlight are recommended.

Fixed guided tours without pre-registration: June 30 - August 18. Wednesdays and Sundays at 16:00.

Children up to 15 years 70 SEK
Adult SEK 100
Family (2 adults, 2 children) SEK 300
(Paid in cash directly to the guide)

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Skylt "Grottor" i Trollegater.