Trollegater nature reserve

Nature reserve in Kinda. One of southern Sweden's largest rock caves.

Trollegater Nature Reserve is one of Sweden's largest caves from the inland ice period with a walking system of about 140 meters. The caves can be explored on their own or by guided in the footsteps of the inland ice and the world of trolls. The large cave, where according to folklore in the past lived trolls, is the most interesting. Through a narrow gait you will come to a hall. At the far end of the hall there are openings to two long passageways that are connected to each other at the far end. The height of the cave varies, in several places you can stand upright. In addition, there are a number of smaller caves and burrows. Anyone who wants to stay above ground can walk in the long and wide cracks - "gatera". The tour that goes both above and below the ground takes about 2 hours.

Bring flashlight and rough clothes (long trousers and long sleeves are recommended).

Booking of major private group tours is made to Kinda Tourist Office.


Opening hours:
Open all year round.

Permanent guided tours without pre-registration:
Wednesdays and Sundays at 16.00. 20 June - 14 August.

Permanent guided tours without pre-registration:
Children (15 years) 80 SEK.
Adult 120 SEK.
Family (2 adults, 2 children) 350 SEK
(paid directly to the guide)

Private tours (about 2 hours):
Children (15 years) 80 SEK.
Adult 120 SEK.
Minimum fee SEK 2 800/group excl. VAT
Max 30 people/guide.



County Administrative Board, +4610-223 50 00
Kinda Tourist Office, +46 494-194 10