Valöbranten nature reserve

Valö Nature Reserve is a powerful fault slope.

Valö Nature Reserve consists of a mighty northeast-facing fault slope, about 100 m deep, with magnificent views of the surrounding forest landscape and down to lake Björkern. The area's dramatic topography with vertical surfaces, rock shelves and crevices is filled with a natural forest edifice consisting mainly of oak, linden, maple and spruce. The upper southern parts of the reserve consist of a younger forest of asp, birch, maple and oak.

At the parking lot at Valö party site there are two large reserve boards with collected information about the area's six nature reserves. From there you can follow a relatively difficult new hiking trail up the precipices of fault, but the reward for the hiker will be great with fantastic views of the surroundings. The trail flows away at Hulebovägen where a more open oak landscape spreads out and there are remnants of a croftruin. You can get along the paved road back to Valöparkeringen.


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Visiting address:
Valö Café och Festplats
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