Korpberget in Hycklinge

Ancient fort

This ancient castle is very strategically located in the landscape, and it may have been a central part of a signalling system between the various castles.

From the storage site, a clear footpath leads up on the castle. The large important valley from Åsunden and Hycklinge, divides here at Korpberget into three branches. One goes north towards Emmaren, one east towards Hallången, and so the main south towards Anen. From Korpberget the view is clear into all these valleys.

The mountain is 40 meters high and 55 meters above Åsunden. It is very steep and has precipices in all directions except the south, where the protective walls are located.
On the mountain grows large and small pines, one and different kinds of rice, as well as some large rocks with white moss.
The ancient castle is 100x50 meters.
Below the mountain you can see a lot of collapsed rocks.
The footpath to the castle first crosses an outer wall of 10 meters. This wall is very crumbled, but visible even though it is also slightly overrated.
The inner embankment savages an angle, with a wall of 18 meters and a wall of 3 meters. Between the walls is a gate of 2 meters.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Korpberget is located 3.5 km southeast of Hycklinge community, 200 meters north of Österby.
It is very easy to get to the mountain. There is a road to a landfill site up on the mountain, just south of the ancient castle.