The old castle at the top of Klevberget's mighty fault slope has a magnificent view of Borgarmon.

From the top of Klevberget's mighty fault slope you have a magnificent view of the mountain Borgarmon's hardwood forests, Hallstad's flower-rich meadows and järnlunden's vast waters. Kinda's little "Pulpit", a magnificent mountain ridge where even those who are not afraid of heights can get vertigo.

Below and above the precipice are valuable deciduous and coniferous forest areas with old trees and a rich biodiversity. Many red-listed lichens, fungi and insects live here. Hollow deciduous trees are important nesting sites for bird life. Östgötaleden runs through the reserve and leads further west to the exciting caves at Trollegater.


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Visiting address:

Head towards Ulrika at the roundabout (23/34) at Rimforsa, turn right towards Hallstad meadows, parking at Hallstad meadows. Follow Östgötaleden's marking up the mountain.