Hiking in Kinda on Östgötaleden

Östgötaleden stretches through the varied nature of the fair Kinda area

Östgötaleden stretches through the varied nature of the fair Kinda area. Here you can hike over 120 km in various stages that meander through pastures, primeval forest, hilly terrain and along Kinda's many lakes. The trail is linked to Linköping, Åtvidaberg-Valdermarsvik, Ydre, Boxholm and from Kisa south to Sevedeleden in Småland.

Below are some hiking suggestions.

Pinnarp - Smedstorp, 13 km
Hilly terrain with wilderness character. Along the route you pass Misterfall's ash meadow and then arrive at Smedstorp double farm, a cultural reserve on the border between Kinda and Ydre.

Pinnarp - Kisa - Pinnarp, 25 km
A longer full day tour along östgötaleden that is best enjoyed with light packing and offers the best of kindabygden. The round loop begins with the possibility to tow over lake Föllingen by "ferry" of its own power in the summer. Or you can depart for road 134 and cross the bridge (the ferry can only be used in the summer). The loop runs through Föllingsö's agricultural landscape, Humlehögsravinen and Misterfall's ash meadow,

Pinnarp - Rimforsa, 30 km
Wilderness character with very large forest. Along the route you pass most nature reserves and the possibility of a detour against the caves at Trollegater. Just before one arrives at Rimforsa to go the trail over Hallstad meadows, here are good opportunities for swimming. At Ösjön just north of Pålehult, there are accommodation possibilities in shelters.

Rimforsa - Tranebo, 21 km
Varied character with both meadows, agrilands and oak landscapes. In Transjön is a bathing area.

Kisa-Horn-Sevedeleden, 35 km
Varied landscapes along picturesque back roads. Just next to the land crossing between the lakes Täftern and Rummasjön there is a shelter. In the south, östgötaleden is linked to Sevedeleden in Småland.