Hallstad Ängar nature reserve

Nature reserve with bathing place

Hallstad meadows is a unique meadow with hammered winds that is beautifully situated on the southern shore of lake Järnlunden. The lindens are old, gnarled and hollow as a result of regular harvesting of the foliage. Here you will find a rich floral splendour with a variety of herbs and grasses.

Hallstad meadows are a pure linden widow. It is unique, not in any other meadow on the Swedish mainland grows such a large amount of cropped winds. The more than two hundred trees are hammered, which means that they are cropped at regular intervals. In the past, it was necessary to harvest the leaves for winter so that the animals would have enough to eat. Another advantage of hammered trees is that the crown of the tree is limited. The grass plant benefits from being shaded less. It's still the one that's most important.

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County Administrative Board, +4610-223 50 00
Kinda Tourist Office, +46494-194 10


Hallstad meadows are just over 4 km NW of Rimforsa. From Rimforsa you drive towards Ulrika. Follow signs.