Bockshult Education

Animals, yoga and nature

Bockshult Education works with teaching, education and events in animals and nature. Here you will find animals that are kept in as natural an environment as possible. They work with conservation work and mainly keep endangered country breeds of various kinds, but you will also find some other pets as well as exotic animals on the farm.


  • Children's and family activities among the animals on the farm (animal kelly, farm visits). Suitable for families with children and specially adapted to slightly smaller children. For an hour and a half you will have the opportunity to cuddle and feed the farm's kind and cuddly animals, including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles. The visit ends with a horse and carriage and/or rides. There are small horses suitable for even the smallest children from 2 years and up.
  • Pony riding/driving and touring for children
  • Nature guiding
  • Passport in ashtanga yoga. Book a class for larger or smaller groups, family or friends. Ashtanga yoga is a physical form of yoga. It provides strength and agility. It suits everyone and develops control over the body, breathing and mind. Ashtangan follows a given series which allows you to eventually fall into a rhythm of focus and breathing while moving through the exercises.

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Opening hours:
Only booked visits. Booking is made by phone or e-mail.



+4670-958 43 33


Visiting address:
Högtomta Boxhult
590 39 Kisa