Törnevik nature reserve

On the road between Rimforsa and Nykil lies Törnevik nature reserve.

Törnevik's small-ball landscape with dry crests, damp depressions and silage paths has particularly high natural values in terms of the flora of vascular plants and fungi. The area is one of the county's richest for red-listed plants in hayfields and pastures. These include the very rare and threatened flowers, the consolation of the eyes, the tender eye consolation and the early flowering field gentian. More than forty different well-favoured plant species are combined in the space, including snake root, chasefibbla, cat foot and summer fibbla in large numbers.

At the end of the 19th century, most of the reserve was haymaking with scattered deciduous trees. The rough oaks that can be impressed today in the pastures, should have been magnificent even then. In the latter part of the 20th century, the former haymaking lands have instead been grazed by cattle and sheep. Gradually, however, the western parts grew again with forest. But in the 2010s, large parts were restored to tree-covered pasture.

The block-rich slopes in the northwest are old outland that used to be grazed. At that time the trees stood more sparsely, but today they are forests with mixed tree species, hazel bushes and a typical grove flora. Even the older deciduous trees in the area have exciting things to show for it. Here live the magnificent beetle ekoxe and on the bark of the deciduous trees there are red-listed lichens. In the semi-shade of fertile groves, snakes, magic grapes and spring grains find their habit.

For you as a visitor:

The reserve is well worth a visit if you want to meet the unique plants, lichens and insects. Or if you experience the rolling landscape of the reserve and its surroundings that formed during the ice age's final stages and shortly thereafter. The reserve does not have any outdoor facilities but you are welcome to visit the area to your own discretion.


Opening hours:
Available all year round



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