Väsby branter nature reserve

Nature reserve with almost completely uncultivated forest.

Most of the reserve is covered in pine and spruce forest but there are occasional winds and oaks in rumbling crevices. There is also some swamp forest in the low-lying parts and also a small puddle. The combination of damp areas and forests that have been untouched for a long time in the blocky slopes makes the conditions for mosses, lichens and fungi very good. In the area there are, for example, lung lichen, bomb murkla and dunmossa, all of which are rare and threatened species.

The area may be difficult to access due to the abundant block presence and precipices. However, there is a paved path for those who are willing to step over logs and stones.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.



County Administrative Board, +4610-223 50 00
Kinda Tourist Office, +46494-194 10