Nature obstacle course in Trollegater Nature Reserve

Trollegater, a place filled with mystery with magical forests, gigantic boulders and dark burrows. An oasis created by the inland ice. Here you will find one of southern Sweden's largest rock caves.

In the connection to the parking lot there is a barbecue hut where you can picnic or why not grill sausages. The benches are built with extra width in view that you should be able to overnight there.


A natural barrier in trollegater nature reserve, funded by Kinda Municipality and the County Administrative Board of Östergötland.

Trollstigen is a approx. 30 meter long obstacle course adjacent to the grill hut and parking.
It is built of logs and most of it is dymlat to get as close to nature as possible. The obstacle course is "no-touch-ground" where you balance on logs, jump on stumps and stones to get around. The nature obstacle course may be best suited for children around 4 years and up, but playful adults are of course also welcome!

Of course, you should take the opportunity to explore the exciting caves, Kinda's little hell gap and the giant christmas tree while you're here. Or why not combine the visit with a guided tour of the caves.


Opening hours:
Open all year round.





From the roundabout in Rimforsa, which is located along Str 23/34 between Linköping and Kisa, it is signposted towards Trollegater and Ulrika. After 7 km of exit to the right.