Trollgölen nature reserve

Nature reserves are located high in the terrain, 190 meters above sea level. It features coniferous forested and steep, blocky slopes with hints of cross-edged precipices.

The forests of Trollgölen are typical of the Kinda terrain. It is heavily hilly and is characterized by a pair of marked sinks framed by rock walls. There is old coniferous forest and mixed forest with elements of deciduous trees. From Trollgölen a stream flows out through a deciduous forest with alder and ash. Here and there, sources flow. The area as a whole contains a wide variety of environments where, among other things, moisture-favored mosses thrive.

A long time's untouchedness has also caused the amount of dead wood to grow to be large. The traces of a croft recall the past when meadow mills occurred adjacent to the wetlands. In order to obtain more arable land, Trollgölen has been reduced by ditching, but after the 1940s there has been very little impact. In the vicinity of Trollgölen there are several other nature reserves.


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