Toppkullaberget nature reserve

Toppkullaberget consists of a steep elongated mountain, covered with old pine forest.

Toppkullaberget rises above Bringesån and the lakes Övre Föllingen and Lillsjön. The reserve is characterized by pine rocky outcrops, often with mountains in the day and plenty of old pinetrees. Below the mountain are also other forest types such as mixed forests, marsh forests spruce forests and deciduous forests with aspen and precious deciduous trees.

Scattered in the coniferous forest there are dead wood in various stages of degradation - valuable environments for many insects, wood fungi, lichens, mosses and woodpeckers.

For you as a visitor
In Toppkullaberget nature reserve there is no parking or other facilities for visitors but you are welcome to visit the area on "your own". Those who manage to get up the mountain get wide views of the lakes and the nearby nature reserve Hylta fires.


Opening hours:
Available all year round



County Administrative Board +4610-223 50 00
Kinda Tourist Office +46494-194 10