Tempelkullen nature reserve

Tempelkullen is one of the county's smallest nature reserves.

Tempelkullen is one of the county's smallest nature reserves, with an area of 1.4 hectares. On the small surface there are some very nice old oaktrees with a high natural value.
The reserve consists of a sparsely deciduous hill with oak-hailing character.

In addition to about ten coarse or very coarse oaks, there are about ten younger oaks and 25-30 other older deciduous trees of birch, linden, aspen, ash, maple, mountain ash and birdberries. In the shrub layer there are rosehips, hawthorn and occasional juniper bushes.
The well-favoured flora is very rich in species, mainly on the more upland parts of the hill with, among other things, bridal bread, trembling grass, kneegrass, meadow grass, large and small bluebell, green-white night violet, pyramidal bugle, cowslip and daisies.

Nutrient-favored flora occurs on the western and southern slopes as well as on the lower lands to the west. To the west, the reserve is bounded by the canal between Åsunden and Ämmern.


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