Tegelsätter Hägerstad

This ancient castle is one of Kinda's most accessible. It is easy to find and easy to walk in.

The mountain is 30 meters high, 60 meters above Ämmern.
Viewpoints can be found in several places, and you have a clear view to the west, south and east.
On the mountain there are some bare rocks and several larger boulders. Here grows mixed sparse pine forest and juniper bushes. On the ground you can see moss, rice and grass.

The ancient castle is about 160x80 meters. The slopes are around the mountain except in the northwest. The walls are thus to be found around the mountain on the western slope. Here is probably the longest contiguous stone wall, which any of Kinda's ancient castles can exhibit. The large stone embankment has a length of more than 150 meters. The wall is very beautiful and nicely overgrown with white moss and lichens. The wall is a cold wall and not very high. In the northern part you can see the wall life in several places. The wall has a powerful gate, where a footpath runs in. The path goes straight south over the ancient castle and continues through the southern railway down to the farm. this southern port is now the most commonly used, but it has probably become occupied in recent centuries. The walls of this port are 25+5 meters long. 35 meters up the path there are also hints to an unfinished stone wall.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


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Tegelsätters ancient castle is located only a few hundred meters north of the farm Tegelsätter. 2.5 km west of Söderö.