Svalgölen nature reserve

The Svalgölen branten consists of valuable fault slopes down to lake Svalgölen.

Svalgölenbranten is a gem among Östergötland's nature reserves but it is a bit remote from towns and villages so you have to make an effort to find your way here.

The southern part of svalgölenbranten is located in kinda municipality and here the mountains reach up to 210 meters above sea level or a full 85 meters above Svalgölen. The eastern slopes are block-rich with old spruce forest. The leaf element is large in the bottom parts with linden, aspen, birch and sallow. In higher terrain there are pine trees that are about 300 years old. There is also a lot of rough dead wood that is valuable to many insects, wood fungi and mosses.
Coniferous forest slopes and leafy sections continue in the northern parts of the reserve and there were earlier settlements and cultivation at Källstugan.

The environment was cultivated and inhabited as late as 1951, with unbroken use since 1788. There is much that reminds us of the time for the smallholder in forest areas. The grounds for barn and dwelling house are relatively clear.


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