Stora Hycklinge gård

Farm shop

On the farm Stora Hycklinge outside Hycklinge in Östergötland, red deer graze in a herd that we, Göran and Yvonne, cut up in the farm's slaughterhouse. After slaughter, the meat is hung before being cut and vacuum packed. The meat is sold frozen in quarters of about 6 and 11 kg. The less quarter, the less the details will be. All are quality-wise the same. Meat is also sold in individual steaks and grill details. We also have smoked deer hearts.

On the farm there are about 250 hens that have access to outdoor living. At Stora Hycklinge you can choose whether you want to pick the eggs directly from the laying predena or if you want to take them packaged directly from the fridge.

For sale we also have cheesecake made from milk from nearby farms as well as our own eggs. We also make apple juice made from apples from Hycklinge's gardens and we sell game sausages and lard ribbons. Other popular products include food and sweets for pets, such as fresh food, dried liver pieces and chewing bones.


Opening hours:
Call before visiting



+46 70-679 57 00, +46 70-364 98 36


Visiting address:
Göran and Yvonne Nilsson
Stora Hycklinge 1
590 42 Horn