Smedsviksbergen Kättilstad

Ancient fort

This ancient castle does not have so much scope, only 50x50 meters. It has been used as a guardian's castle for the people here at Åsunden. The mountain is only 10 meters high, 35 meters above Åsunden.

Steep rocks are located in all directions except to the south, where the walls are located. The view is excellent over Åsunden in the east. Hägerstad church can be seen nicely over the lake.
The strange draw of the sugar limit for Kättilstad may have some significance for this ancient castle and also for other castles.

This ancient castle is also strategically located in the system of ancient castles along Åsunden.
Within the ancient castle there are several peaks. There are several peculiar adult pinetrees. In addition, heather, bearberry, white moss and window lichen grow. Within the castle up on the mountain there is a slump with a cultural layer of soil, where cultivation of some kind may have taken place.

The walls of this castle are built in an unusual way. They are built in U-form, and the only ancient castle in Kinda, which has walls built in this way. The castle is scan-like. It can be clearly seen that many stones have collapsed down the walls. Below the mountain lies a lot of stone, which probably belonged to the fortification.

The entrance to the castle is to the west, between the wall and the steep rock wall. The southern wall is 15 meters long. The angle walls are each 10 meters. The height is 0.5-1 meter, the width 2-3 meters, the stone size 0.3-1 meter.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Smedviksbergen is located 700 meters east of the village of Kårtorp. 2.5 km northeast Slätmon. About 300 meters from Åsunden.
To get to Smedviksbergen, you must first pass Kårtorp. From there, a smaller road goes all the way to the mountain.