Skanseberget Horn

The mountain has some bare rocks and some boulders. It is overgrown with sparse pine forest, heather and lingonberries.

The ancient castle up on the mountain measures about 100x50 meters. It has steep precipices to the east and west. The walls are found in the north and south. The castle is strategically located with good north views over the entire lake, more than 3 km.

This ancient castle has certainly been a strong defense facility. Here, 30 defenders have easily been able to repel more than 100 attacking enemies. The mountain is about 20 meters high, 25 meters above Täftlången.

Up on the slope on the north side there is a clear wall of 25 meters. The actual wall system is, of course, on the south side, the easily accessible side towards the country. The walls are also located up here on the slope and have also been very much collapsed. Two walls lie paralally with each other at a distance of ledge. The lower wall is unusually located almost all the way down to the foot of the mountain. In the walls there are 3 clear gates.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Skanseberget is located about 1500 m west of the farm Orremåla, between the two crofts Modal and Skansen at the southern end of lake Täftlången. The mountain is located on a promontory by the lake. It is easy to get to Skanseberget, it is easy to find the mountain, it is also easy to study Skanseberg's ancient castle. The road is located from Bleckhem, through the holiday village of Säldefall, until Modal, or from Orremåla until Skansen.