Skansberget Oppeby

Skansberget is one of Kinda's most interesting ancient castles and a great vantage point.

Skansberget is located only a few hundred meters west of the village of Sätra, almost next to Åsunden.
It's a nice road right up to the mountain. A short and easy-to-walk path leads up the mountain, where also easy paths lead around. A private road continues west of the mountain down to the house Rophalla at Åsunden's narrowest part. From Rophalla to Gäddnäset on the other side of the lake used to have a remote connection with rowing boats. It was an important land connection, especially before Råsö bridge was built more than 100 years ago.

Through Åsunden also went the important trade and traffic route on the water or ice.
The high and steep Skansberget has thus been ideal for an ancient castle. One of the most important defence facilities has been built along stångån's lake system. Here was a distinguished vantage point with lines of sight in all directions, which is why the fortification had a central role in the signalling system along Åsundendalgången.

This ancient castle is one of our most interesting castles. An impaling mountain with a view and with stately, well-preserved walls. Up on the eastern edge of the mountain there are two large giant pots quite close to each other.
Where the long wall in the northwest makes a sharp angle, there is an old border, marked with a little boundary stone. Such a boundary between two farms may have come to already in the Middle Ages. In that case, it clearly shows that the ancient wall existed then. Old traditions and stories, as well as the usual opinion among the local population, say that the ancient castle came about in connection with the Dacke feud in the 1540s, which must therefore be incorrect.
the mountain is 35 meters high.

The ancient castle is approx. 175 x 55 meters. It has steep precipices to the east and north, well-preserved walls to the west and south. The vegetation consists of pine, one, heather, lingonberries, goat rams and bearberry on the walls.
The trail comes from the south and goes over three shorter stone walls, or perhaps even a few more collapsed. On the west side there is about 150 meters long, fine stone embankment left. Partly some large blocks of moving blocks are included in the embankment

Kinda has 22 ancient castles. They are beautifully located and are interesting as an excursion destination. The ancient burghers are about 1,500 years old, from the time when the feuds raged between svear and götar, right here in the border area between Östergötland and Svealand. They have served as defense agencies and refuges for the population in times of unrest.


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Drive from Kisa towards Åtvidaberg and turn left at the sign Sätra. The ancient castle is located a few hundred m west of the village of Sätra, almost next to Åsunden.