Rummeberg Hycklinge

On the mountain there is an interesting ancient castle with beautiful walls.

The mountain is 20 meters high, 30 meters above lake Anen.
There are two walls laid at an angle, but a large gate placed at the tip. 40 meters further up the narrow mountain is a 34 meters long wall, well built across the snout, with space for passage at the western outer end next to the precipice.

The mountain is very suitable in form as an ancient castle - as well as the location of the terrain. The mountain is high and long narrow. It has very steep precipices in three directions. Rummeberg has very high slopes in the north, east and west.
The view in this guard castle is excellent throughout the valley at Kila, once an important factor in guarding traffic from Anen towards Hycklinge. The view will thus be to the west, north and southwest.

The ancient castle is about 220x70 meters. The mountain is hilly and has several peaks. Some parts of the castle have quite dense vegetation, especially next to the lower long wall. Otherwise, the vegetation ,mostly consists of large pines, heather, white moss, window lichen

It is not so common to see such well-preserved ancient castle hurar as here in Rummeberg. On the front wall you can see the cold wall ed if, and on the side wall you can see a completely undamaged part. Then you also have to consider that these walls have stood here in the forest for about 1500 years


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Rummeberg is located 1 km east of the road at Råshult, and 1 km northeast of Kila old village. about 4 km south of Österby along the road towards Locknevi.
The mountain is located alone in the valley and is best reached from Råshult's old school or from the nearest farm, called Fållan, with entrance from the highway at Kila.