Pelle's Viltsafari

Experience the beautiful nature of Kinda on Game Safari.

Experience the beautiful nature of Kinda with many lakes, magical forests, high mountains and deep valleys on "Game Safari in Kindabygden"!

Collection in the square in Kisa where the evening begins with us driving to a scenic place where you can learn more about the most common larger Swedish wild animals. We're looking for deer, fallow deer and hare. If we are quite lucky, we may enjoy the "king of the forest" moose or fox, wild boar and maybe even mufflon sheep.

The evening is rounded off with a tasting of smoked game meat, sausage grilling and coffee by the campfire, possibly for music and singing. It is possible to buy moose souvenirs.

Drive your own car in convoy on back roads. We use comradio. Binoculars and comradio can be borrowed from us.

During most of the year we can also arrange safari tours by bus. Valid for larger groups. Contact us for further information and price information.