Överbo Tjärstad

Ancient castle or not thereupon dispute the learned

Sometime in the 1950s, some archaeologists believed that this mountain had an ancient castle. Later in the 1980s, the mountain has been studied more closely by ancient borg experts and it has then been found that there is no ancient castle here.

The mountain certainly looks like an ancient castle. It has high slopes to the east. To the south are stuppra stones lined up as walls, but it is now considered as natural formations.
Many ancient castles have by all means wall formations of naturally laid stones, which have been used as anchoring for logs and chopped-down trees for palisades and rubble. I don't think that's been the case here. The mountain has too low sides in three directions.

To the south and north-west you can see double rows of stones, which can easily be imagined as the beginnings of defense devices.
Unfortunately, this is not an ancient castle. It would otherwise have been a good fit and very interesting. The mountain is so centrally located between the lakes Ämmern and Åsunden. Here somewhere should also have been a link in the chain of castles along Åsunden. This area has always been important and of great importance. The first settlement in Kinda during the Stone Age is considered to have been here at the farms Överbo-Lund-Räfstad-Hovstad-Norstad-Västersrum. The oldest court site has also been here.

The mountain is 10 meters high, 25 meters above Åsunden.
The intended ancient castle is about 40x40 meters.
This mountain has no view. It is the only mountain in ancient borg context, which is overgrown with large spruce forest. Otherwise, grass grows, green moss.

There are some scientists and archaeologists who believe that many ancient castles have been used for cult use. A gathering place for victims or rites of any kind. This mountain at the holy sites Överbo-Lund-Räfstad would have been one.
To the south you can imagine two walls of each 5m length. Height 0.1-1 meter. Width 1-4 meters. Stone size 0.5-1.5 meter.


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The mountain is located about 200 meters northeast of the farm Räfstad. It can be described as a moraine-covered mountain ridge, and is visible from the road about 100 meters into the pasture.