Medelö Skans

The ancient castle is located in the forest and mountain area between the lakes Ämmern-Åländaren-Horsfjärden-Galmaren.

The castle is perched on a long narrow ridge, which narrows at both ends. It is 120x35 meters, and has steep precipices to the east and west.

The mountain is 20 meters high, 95 meters above Åländaren.
The castle and the mountain are hardly visible from a distance in the surrounding dense forest, but you still have a vast view to the west. Here grows large pine forest with grass and some bare rocks with white moss.

The most significant wall is the north, which runs across the tip of the mountain. The wall has been knocked out about 10 m, so it looks like an angular wall. At the foot of the mountain, in front of the slopes, under both ends of the wall, are large amounts of rock in the size of 0.2-0.5 meter. Nobody knows why the stones are there. There are two possibilities. The stones may have been transported there, for use in the construction of the wall, but not put to use, or parts of the wall on the mountain may have been collapsed.
Across the rise in the south, the remains of two walls, as well as some small wall remains in two sinks on the western long side, are also visible.

The castle has a rather irregular back surface and in three places there are small swampy places with water. On the mountain there is a layer of soil, and it looks to have been used for cultivation at some point.
This is a peculiar ancient castle, in the deep troll forest, with large mossy boulders.

It's hard to understand why an ancient castle has been set up out here in the miles of forests. I'm sure it's been an effective refuge. It might as well have been a place for cult use.
Another-but very dubious theory about the ancient savors, is that they were used, as catch traps for wildlife.

Today, here goes right through the castle a clear footpath, and here there are plenty of tracks and droppings of moose and deer. An excavation of this ancient castle would provide many answers. The castle is hard to find.


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Medelö Skans is located 2.5 km north northeast of Söderö Castle. 900 meters northeast of the cottage Bygget.
After about 1 km from Söderö, on the road to Mormorsgruvan, a single road of about 1 km goes to the cottage Bygget. From there you still have about 1 km, on larger and smaller paths, to the very interesting ancient castle Medelö Skans.