Krogsfall nature reserve

The nature reserve's grounds are an eldorado for fungi, mosses and lichens and in the area several very rare species thrive.

The reserve covers a total of 24 hectares, which corresponds to the area of about 28 football pitches.

Forests that have long escaped human intervention are usually called natural forests. Trees lie where they have fallen and new ones grow up in the gaps that are formed. The element of dead wood is large and it benefits a throng of life.

Several species of fungi, insects, birds, mosses and lichens are completely dependent on this type of forest in order to exist at all. Modern forestry has reduced the share of natural forests to a very small part of the total forest stock in Sweden. This means that the life forms that depend on untouched forests are becoming increasingly rare. Some species found in Krogsfall are, for example, lung lichen and candelabra fungus.


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