Korpberget in Kättilstad

Korpberget is a large mountain with vertical rock walls, suitable for rock climbing.

Korpberget is 35 meters high and 90 meters above Åsunden. The mountain is high and has steep precipices in all directions, except at the defensive walls. The ancient castle is about 200x100 meters.
A guard and defense castle with a nice view to the east over Åsunden, strategically laid out in view of the strange demarcation of Kättilstad parish.

The walls to the west are very nice and well preserved. Here you can clearly see the technique at the time of the walling. Walls are available in two rows, with a stable gate in the upper wall. Across the path there is a barrier of stones. In the northeast, where the path from Springarberget comes up, there is also a wall system, but not with such stately walls.
The ancient castle is forested and partly moist, with vegetation of pine, spruce, birch, blueberries, grass, green moss, bear moss.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Korpberget is located 600 meters northwest of Kårtorp. 2 km northeast of Slätmon. The steep mountain can be seen close to the old Kalmar road past through Helvetes port, and past Springarberget. 25 m north of Springarberget the footpath goes up to Korpberget.