Kisa Emigrant Museum and Café Columbia

Kisa Emigrantmuseum and Café Columbia are located in one of Kinda's oldest buildings.

The museum tells about the area's early emigration, starting in 1845 by farmer Peter Cassel and several other living destinies and shows the building's unique history as a pharmacy and emigrant agency. The café was opened in 1921 by Dorothea Florén who named it Café Columbia. Dorothea returned to Sweden from America and with her café created a meeting place where people gathered and drank newfangled brewed coffee.

Today, Café Columbia serves coffee and food and arranges some cultural events. Small shop with handicrafts and gift items and in summer there is outdoor seating.

At the museum and café is "The Talking Cloth", from the Peter Cassel Society, which provides the opportunity to listen to stories about the fate of emigrants, music and singing, with new technology.


Café and booking guide tours +46 494-125 05.
Kinda Municipality +46 494-190 00


Visiting address:
Storgatan 10
590 38 KISA