Kalvsvedsberget Horn

Ancient castle

On Kalvsvedsberget's rather difficult to reach ridge is a somewhat unusual ancient castle. The castle has steep precipices to the east and to the west with walls to the north and south.
The size of the castle between the precipice and the walls is not more than 85x45 meters.
the mountain is 35 meters high, 50 meters above Åsunden.
The eastern part of the castle is also a special mountain top with some bare rocks, and a magnificent view in all directions except the big forest to the west. To the south you can clearly see Horn's community and Horn's church.
This ancient castle has probably been difficult to defend, and probably it has been a refuge.

Since there are such fine lines of sight in the east over Åsunden, it may be that this castle formed a central part of a signalling system. For example, signal leads would be visible far in a planned defense system.
The vegetation is made up of young pines, heather, blueberries. To the north there is a strong wall of 20 meters length between two precipices. the southern wall, make several turns, consists of large boulders and has a length of 40 meters. The southern embankment has a wide and strong port entrance. The wall contains about ten larger boulders.


Opening hours:
Available all year round.


Kalvsvedsberget 800 meters northwest of the farm Åby, just north of Horns community. The mountain is located only 200 meters west of the highway, but the terrain is steep and block-rich.