Hovbyberget II

Ancient fort

The entire uphill slope on the south side of the mighty Hovbyberget is cordoned off by a well-planned and heavily built wall system. A system with several walls and walls in different directions, together on a length of over 90 m. The walls have 3 clear port entrances.
Through the easternmost gate, the path continues from the ancient castle Hovby I further up the slope. Here the mountain forms a very narrow ridge, the eastern edge of which has two short walls. Once up on the southern part of the mountain you have a beautiful view to the west and the agricultural landscape, as well as to the south and east towards Åsunden. Here at the vantage point there is a large water pit or water source. next to this you can sense the remains of fire dents and cooking pit pairs. Up here on the ancient castle, you had nice views if enemies were approaching, as well as a nice security behind the burly walls. Most of the slope is overgrown with small pines, juniper bushes and small bushy oaks.
All ancient castles are protected areas, as are reserves, and special permits are required to cut down any tree. This also applies to the landowner. Here is an example, that a landowner here even had difficulty obtaining permission to do a felling just outside the castle.


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Hovbyberget is located 500 m northeast of Hovby gård the road from Hovby to Gäddnäset goes up next to the mountain.