Hovbyberget and the Dacke cave

Ancient fort

The northwestern part of the large and powerful Hovby berget also contains an extensive and well-preserved wall system. It is located on the slope 75-150 meters from the road, which runs from Hovby towards Gäddnäset. About 500 meters from Hovby, a path from the road goes up between the walls to the ancient castle on the mountain's plateau. The mountain falls steeply and block-rich towards the other sides.
The only possible emergence in the northwest is a narrow passage, which is crossed by three unusually powerful wall systems. The walls are located on the slope with a distance of about 30-50 meters. Each embankment has a powerful gate, and partly the lips of the walls each other here. The bottom embankments also look to have been overbuilt and equipped with palisades.
The top of the mountain is a large and small hilly high plateau with several boulders and sinks. A slump is particularly large, and there you can see stone collections and foundations, which may indicate some kind of cultivation has taken place. In several places you can see stone collections and stone foundations, which may indicate some kind of construction. Up here you can also see several dug pits. Up here there is also a 10 meters wide water source or waterhole. According to tradition, this water source should never be sinamed. (One exception was the dry summer of 1992, when the spring in July was completely dry.)
The mountain is 40 meters high, 75 meters above Åsunden.
The whole mountain is wooded. Mostly there is sparse pine forest here, but there are also dense areas with oak bushes. Other vegetation is asp, one, heather, lingonberries and grass.
In the folk tradition there are many stories, which tell us that this mountain was once the refuge of Nils Dacke. In the northeastern slope of the mountain, among large boulders in the precipice, there is a cave, which is therefore called Dacke cave.


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Hovbyberget is located 500 meters northeast of Hovby farm. the road from Hovby to Gäddnäset goes next to the mountain.