Hovberget in Västra Eneby

Ancient castle

This large mountain massif has three completely different systems of walls. In the past, it was thought that there were three ancient castles on the mountain. Nowadays it is considered to be one very large and extensive ancient castle.
For the sake of simplicity, Hovberget is divided into three castles
This part of the ancient castle is located in the far south of the lower protruding mountain, which forms a promontory of the large Hovberget.
From the shore of Hovbyviken leads a footpath up on the ridge, and at a narrow pass up on the edge the path goes through a stone wall over 60 meters long, with a well-preserved meter-wide port entrance. In front of the gate, fragments of the wall can be seen. On the rock and by the appearance of the bricks, it can be determined that they are taken on the slope to the south. The wall is at some time collapsed, but the front side is well preserved and the wall life remains. The outer ends of the walls continue with many large stones and moving blocks. On the side of the walls you can see cavities between the stones here and there, which may indicate space for logs in a palissad work. This can be seen in several places in the different walls of the castle. From the gate the castle continues about 200 meters in the north up on the approximately 75 meters narrow mountain ridge surrounded by slopes. Here at the northern end of this castle, the back narrows to a pass and lowers slightly before the large mountain to the north comes with the next ancient castle. Up on both sides of the narrow pass, or rather the saddle, you can see remnants of destroyed walls and stones. These ramparts may have been about 60 meters long each. Down the slope 50 meters east of this narrow passage there is a well-preserved wall, an excellent forekeep with a nice gate with a little lower behind. Now guarded by a badger family with a dwelling in the wall.


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Hovbyberget is located 500 meters northeast of Hovby farm. the road from Hovby to Gäddnäset goes next to the mountain.