Hökhult nature reserve

Hökhult nature reserve includes a key biotope.

In the woodlands of southern Kinda is Hökhultsberget on whose slopes and terraces older coniferous forests grow with hints of rough asp and gnarled oaktrees. The old trees are an eldorado for rare lichens and fungi.

Hökhult Nature Reserve includes a key biotope, which is fully part of the natura 2000 nature conservation network. The area is heavily hilly. The south-west side has a dry and warm local climate that is very important for some insects. It is also the occasional dead pine tree that lies there. The northeastern half of the mountain is more protected. Here grows old spruce slave and cat foot slave on the spruce bases, wool tick on spruce flames, leather lichen and edging on the coarse asparna. On the steep, damp and vertical surfaces grows abundantly, of the unusual northern lichen in Östergötland. On mossy boulders you can find the orchid Creeping Lady's-tresses. These species tell us with their presence that this forest is ancient, untouched and very valuable.


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