Gumhem's Burial Ground

Burial grounds and shipbuilding

Burial grounds and shipbuilding on the eastern shore of Åsunden from 500-1050 AD. The burial ground is said to be the second largest in Östergötland. The shipbuilding consists of 22 stones laid in a southeasterly direction and has a length of 17.5 meters and the width above the middle is 5 meters.

In legends about the Viking chief "Kung Vitting" it is mentioned that there should have been settlements here, but the area has mainly been used as a burial site and for some time as a court house.


Opening hours:
Access to the area all year round, free from animals 20/6 - 20/8.



County Administrative Board +4610-223 50 00
Kinda Tourist Office +46494-194 10


Take road 135 between Horn and Gamleby. At Hycklinge drive north towards Björkfors. Take about 2 km and then take off towards Ryda. After about 4-5 km there is a sign Gumhem. Parking space is available adjacent to Gumhem.