Fallviks ancient castle in Kättilstad

Ancient castle outside Rimforsa.

The ancient castle has probably been a stronghold for the people between Åländern and Ämmern. Another way to find the ancient castle is to go straight up the mountain from the road. You then go up in the middle of the clear pine headland in Åländern.

Inside the ancient castle grows a small group of larger pine trees. They can be seen from afar and can be a good orientation mark.
Around the mountains, only dense spruce forest grows. A 200-meter long, slightly sloping white-liamed rock is also clearly visible immediately west of the castle. In the castle there are several small hills and boulders, sparse with pine trees, grass, green moss and white moss slabs.

From the old castle you have a nice view of Åländern in the east, but also towards the north and southeast. Around 1980, a forest fire raged here at the old castle, caused by some sausage grills.

The castle has steep falls in the northeast-east-southeast. To the west there is a well-preserved wall at an angle, with a clear gate for the footpath. The walls are together 37 meters.


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Fallvik is located 5 km northwest of Söderö farm. 1 km northwest of the farm Gällsvik at the southern end of Lake Åländaren. The farm Fallvik is located 700 m east of the ancient castle, but on the other side of the southern bay of ålander.
The castle is located on a small mountaintop, on the mountain ridge just next to the forest road along the western shore of the lake. The castle is difficult to find, as there are several larger heights on the ridge south of the castle mountain. It is also difficult to find the right footpath to the mountain, otherwise a path from the north comes straight on the castle.