Bunkberget in Horn

Ancient Castle at Horn.

Here in the forests of Riddarhuset there are not many houses, but there are many willing forest roads- some with road bars. I think it was still harder in the old days to get to the mountain than it is today. Therefore, it is no wonder that an ancient castle has been built at the top. I'm sure it's been an excellent refuge.

The castle is very beautiful, and you have from there a wide view in all directions over the forested area. Perhaps the location of the castle may have something to do with the county border going so close.

The mountain is 30 meters high, 40 meters above Lake Kobbo, 180 meters above sea level. The ancient castle is no larger than
100 x 40 meters.

In the northern slope there are several large boulders, and there somewhere you will find the footpath leading up to the gate of the ancient castle. Up in the castle there are some large stones and several white moss slabs. The vegetation consists of smaller pines, junipers, heather, white moss, flour.

Inside the castle you can see the remains of water pits and the remains of several fire pits. The mountain is steep in all directions except the northwest, where a stone embankment system with 4 walls is located, equipped with a clear and fine port entrance of 3 meters.


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Bunkberget is located about 6 km southeast of Finede. 700 meters north of Lake Kobbo. Two kilometers from the småland border. The best way to Bunkberget is to take in between Erstorp and Börmåla and then take off at Kobbosjön. After about 700 meters you will see the mountain a few hundred meters to the left.