Brudtallen i Hycklinge

Party venue with mythical sad history

Just east of Hycklinge, along the current road 135, the Swedish Rural Youth Association set up a party venue with a dance floor in 1939. When Horn-Hycklinge IF took over in 1967, the stage, coffee house and toilets were renovated and several well-known dance orchestras gathered dance-hungry young people from the area.

The party venue gets its name from the large pine tree, dated to the beginning of the 14th century, whose remains are still found under the roof behind the dance floor. The pine housed magical powers and had to stand until a powerful storm brought it down, in 1982. The tree was two-trunked up to about 2 meters high and children could be cured of English disease (rickets) and anyone who tried to fell the stately tree suffered from unexplained disease, the legend says.

The pine was named after an unfortunate love story, the same age as the pine tree - the story of beautiful farmer's daughter Ingrid and her beloved warrior Botolphus Jonsson. Read more about the story via the link below.

Also visit Hycklinge Church where the remains of Botolphus rest under the tombstone of the choir with the inscription: "In 1333 I died Bootolf Joonsson. Mortals who come here, stay, read, shed a tear. I'm what you're going to be. What you are, I've been. I pray: pray for me,"



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