Borgkullen in Oppeby

An anicent castle on a high and mighty mountain between two lakes in Oppeby.

Borgkullen is a high and mighty mountain between the lakes Upper and Lower Emmaren. The mountain is 70 meters high, 95 meters above Upper Emmaren, 115 meters above Åsunden, 200 meters above sea level.

The castle has probably served as a refuge and a shelter for the people here around the long and large lakes in the forest country at the county border with Småland and Tjust. It is also likely that this ancient castle, which is so remote and with the high location over here in the wild forests, had a different function as well. It could have been a place for some cult business.

The ancient castle is about 100 x 80 meters.

From the top you have a wide panoramic view in all directions over a forest-rich, lake-rich and mountainous landscape. The top of the mountain is made up of cold rock. Next door grows a peculiar pine tree, gull bushes, large and small junipers. Otherwise grows on the mountain pine, spruce, oak, one, grass, lingonberries, white moss, bear moss, and at the gate of the wall you will see the fern rockpring. There are also several large boulders.

The mountain has huge steeps in all directions except to the southwest. There is also a well-preserved masonry system in 6 or more smaller walls. The walls are located in several directions and in several stages. Where the great path enters the castle there is a well-preserved gate in the wall.

Below small steeps you can see rocks from collapsed walls in several places. A large 6-thorn shovel-shaped elk horn in the grass, testifies to recent visits to the ancient castle of the area's big game.


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Borgkullen is located 1 km southwest of Idhult, 500 meters northeast of the farm Brevassa, 3.5 km southeast of Björkfors village. A few hundred meters north of Brevassa, from the road leads a smaller road eastwards to the height. From there, take the footpath north up to the top.