Borgberget in Hycklinge - One of Östergötland's largest ancient castles

Borgberget in Hycklinge is one of Östergötland's largest ancient castles

The mountain is 35 meters high, 40 meters above Lake Anen, 165 m above sea level. Up on the mountain lies one of Östergötland's largest ancient castles, to the surface. It is about 420 x 100 meters. The castle is the southernmost of Kinda's ancient castles and thus the southernmost in the Hycklinge-Anen valley. Up on the mountain it is unusually hilly with several small peaks, so it is easy to get lost inside the ancient castle. The mountain has steep slopes in all directions. The biggest steeps are to the east. The best view is to the west northwest.

The mountain is almost completely wooded now, some parts with quite dense vegetation. Pine, spruce, heather, blueberries, white moss and window lichen grow here. There are also some smaller hobs. In four less steep places in sinks, paths go up into the ancient castle. The defensive walls have also been built there.

Here may have been a busy traffic route in the valley at some point during the Migration Battle. Perhaps the trade route passed by here from kalmar-ölandstrakten over kindabygden up towards Östergötland? Then it may also be possible that this castle was the first point in Kinda on a signalling system between the bourgeoisie along the Anen-Åsunden valley.

The ancient castle has clear walls totalling about 140 meters. Several masonry parts are 1-2 meters high and 6-7 meters wide. In each part of the four masonry systems, there is an entrance. All masonry systems are tactically built with special ambushes and ambushes. A particularly elegant defensive device has been created at the southern wall. With the help of two large moving blocks, a small forecourt has been formed here.

Sheltered at the top of the mountain, there are foundation stones and remnants of any construction. Upstairs there is also a small sour draught and some dug water pits. The masonry systems are all at different height levels.


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