Borgarmon nature reserve

Nature reserve and ancient castle located near Hallstad Ängar.

Borgarmon is a mountain hill with both varied woodland and oak land. There is a rich plant and animal life linked to lots of older forest and the large element of deciduous trees. At the top is an ancient castle from the Iron Age. Located near Hallstad meadows.

The castle has been a design facility and a safety castle for the settlements by lake Järnlunden.

In Kinda there are 22 ancient castles. They are beautifully located and are interesting as an excursion destination. The ancient burghers are about 1,500 years old, from the time when the feuds raged between svear and götar, right here in the border area between Östergötland and Svealand. They have served as defense agencies and refuges for the population in times of unrest.


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