Affären Svalsjö med Pers mekaniska kabinett

Welcome to The old store in Svalsjö, an old general store from 1895.

Welcome to visit Affären i Svalsjö, an old general store from 1895 between Kisa and Malexander. Here Anna and Per Helldorff show exciting wooden creations, drawings, watercolors and art cards. There is also a selection of local and regional handicraft products, as well as a historical part. Simple summer café and 150 meters from the lake.

Per's mechanical cabinet is part of the Svalsjö store. A room filled with wooden objects that move and plays small scenes as you crank them. Gears, rocker boards, levers, etc. We guarantee big laughs and quiet smiles. Come and see the mechanical goat, the hand-cranked home cinema, the combined frog & book cabinet.



+46 761 95 16 70


Visiting address:
Anna and Per Helldorff
Affären i Svalsjö
590 39 KISA