The feeling of freedom by foot

Hiking is a great way to wind down and get right up close to nature. You can head off by yourself or be accompanied by a guide and, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, there’s sure to be something just for you. Hiking in Kinda will take you through meadows and deep forests, over hilly terrain with ravines and fells, and along Kinda’s many lakes.

You can also hike through one of Europe’s biggest oak landscapes along Stångån’s lake system and discover this unique landscape with its fascinating cultural history. The excellent Östgötaleden hiking trail has a number of stages with varying difficulty and stretches 120 kilometres through Kinda.

There are also lots of other hiking trails to choose from, such as Anna Gerda’s trail, where nature and culture come together. Along this two kilometre trail through Föllingsö’s agricultural landscape, there are ten wooden signs with beautiful illustrations by Anna Helldorf and quotes from Gerda Antti’s book “Life Around”. The trail starts right next to the smithy at Föllingen’s beach.

Why not combine your hike with an overnight stay at a hostel or hotel and enjoy some good food and drink after your day exploring? Anything’s possible – from day trips to hiking packages with longer stays at a hotel.