Snuggle up in Kinda!

There are many good reasons for a cozy excursion in Kinda. How about autumn snuggle, Christmas snuggle, winter snuggle or why not Friday snuggle?

Taking a break and getting away from the everyday heat is a chance to relax and at the same time discover and experience something new. If you want to wind down and enjoy something calm and cozy, Kinda has many cafes and eateries to crawl into and warm up.

The genuine food culture is strong in Kinda, which is clearly visible through the collaboration KindaMat. The many the farm shops along the roads attract the foodie with irresistible delicacies in various forms. The season offers markets with a high coziness factor and with local produce and handicrafts.

In the magnificent, lake-rich nature, there are plenty of hiking and cycling trails for everyone – amateurs and professionals alike – and in our magical forests, the pantry is full of mushrooms and berries.

Every day, all year round, is a good day for cozying up in Kinda – welcome to the land of excursions!