A force of nature

Kindabygden is known for its magnificent nature with high mountains and deep valleys, but also for the sharp contrasts between the undulating, lush agricultural landscape and the great, magical wilderness.

The water is always close here and Kindabygden is one of the most water-rich areas in all of Sweden. There are over 400 lakes and several of these are so-called clear water lakes with drinking water quality and absolutely excellent for swimming in. The lakes are also rich in fish and fishing is a popular pleasure.

Kinda Kanal, which begins in southern Kinda, takes you from Åsunden's southernmost outpost to Järnlunden's northern tip. You are invited to an almost eight-mile-long nature experience with many pleasant excursion destinations along the way.

You could collect strength from the fantastic and multifaceted nature of Kinda! Nature in Kinda has something for everyone - from peaceful paddling trips to adventures in the mountains and forests. Here there are hundreds of sparkling lakes, steep mountains, deep caves, ravines and open pastures to enjoy. You can hike along the Östgötaleden, explore one of Sweden's largest ancient rock caves, Trollegater, paddle along the beautiful Kinda Canal or cycle through the countryside and let yourself be inspired by the pure power of nature in Kinda.

Solnedgång över sjön Järnlunden utanför Rimforsa.