Take a dip into a new lake – every day

Top off the enjoyment of summer with a relaxing, or perhaps playful, bath here in Kinda! You have over 400 opportunities for a nice dip thanks to all the lakes.

Kinda is one of Sweden's richest municipalities when it comes to lakes. With the great amount of lakes here, there is a good variety of swimming areas. Here you can find sandy beaches, smooth rocks to jump from, green leafy swimming bays, jetties, jumping towers and playgrounds.

We have close-by beaches in Rimforsa, Kisa, Horn, Hycklinge and Björkfors for those who want to get into the water quickly. But it is also possible to explore the bathing spots in the countryside, where you have a greater chance of enjoying the bath in peace and quiet.

Feel free to try our bathing spot bingo Pdf, 148 kB. for tips on where to find some of all the bathing places in Kinda!

Trossbonäs bad ligger mellan Kisa och Horn.