Kinda Canal

Travelling by water is one of life’s best and when this is along one of Sweden’s prettiest waterways – the Kinda Canal – the experience stands out from the rest.

The Kinda Canal these days is a popular destination for recreational activities. There is a genuine atmosphere with unique experiences of nature and culture. Originally, however, the canal had a very different purpose. The start of the 1800s saw a move to streamline the transport of timber between the forested upland in south Kinda and Linköping. In 1810, the first stretch of the Kinda Canal was put into use between Horn and Labbenäs, and in 1871, traffic to Linköping was in full swing. Since the Kinda Canal is part of Kinda’s unique lake system, whatever type of adventure or experience you want along the canal is up to you.

Here, you can navigate calmly through leafy, narrow passageways, as well as pick up the pace on open, large lakes, such as Järnlunden and Åsunden. You can discover islands, bathe in a secluded bay, barbecue on a beach and overnight in cosy accommodation.

There are also canoes, kayaks and motorboats to hire at a number of spots around Kinda and the large lakes are ideal for fishing for bass, zander and pike.