Excursions in paradise

There’s something special about a day out, something almost magical. It gives us a break from the mundane, a chance to unwind and delight in new discoveries and experiences. Kinda is the perfect place for excursions.

Its beautiful and changing landscape brings out your sense of adventure, with an abundance of tempting hiking and fishing and we have cold bathing spots. The Kinda region will also inspire you to be creative and, for those of you interested in art and culture, there are woodcarvers, potteries, art galleries, book publishers, local craft shops and much more awaiting you.

There is also a strong passion for genuine cuisine in Kinda, particularly noticeable in the partnership with KindaMat, a local food project. Here, the many farm shops along the sides of the roads attract food fans with irresistible delicacies in many forms. You can create your own day out or join us on our Food Safari – starter, main course and dessert all at different places!

Every day, all year round, is a great day for exploring Kinda.

Welcome to the region for explorers!