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Teaching math, science and art outdoors

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Teaching math, science and art outdoors

Description of training content

Coordinated and arranged by Kinda Education Centre.

Learning outcome
Knowledge and methods to teach math, science and craft/science interdiciplinary in the ‘out-of-doors’.

A toolbox of ideas for teaching outdoors.

Ways to motivate students and to promote health.

Ability to adapt the methods to each ones professional life and place of learning.

Basic theory of Outdoor Environmental Education including; personal and social development, environmental education and outdoor activities and health.

Professional knowledge and being able to respond to what to do, where and why.

Knowledge about eduaction in Europe and especially in the field of outdoor education.

The main methods will be through practical training, cooperative workshops, various activities and reflecting upon the action.

The content is thematic and interdisciplinary and based on ”learning by doing” combined with “reflection upon action”.

Through experiencing by ‘heart, hand and head’ meet the three key parts of Outdoor Education (personal and social development, outdoor activities and environmental education).

Positive atmosphere, exchange and fun is a part of the process for professional development during the week.

The course will take place mainly outdoors close to nature, in the rural as well as the urban landscape.

During the course participants will be asked to reflect upon how their professional goal has been met, and what is still to be achieved.

The course is interdisciplinary including: Mathematic, Science, Art but also Physical education and sport, Health, Cultural heritage, Environment and sustainable development, Geography, History and Social science.

Before the course – Preparation
Contribute to the international social evening, with something representing your country/region.
Answer to the request to set your professional goal for the training, to be communicated with the participants and course leaders.
Prepare a presentation about your workplace /school (use the templet which will be sent to you) and if applicable the experience and thoughts about teaching outside the classroom, in the outdoors.

After the course – Follow-up
Course evaluation in the end of the course.
After the courses participants will be asked to reflect on what happened when they returned home and how the course influenced their teaching, school/workplace. This will be shared by Information and communications technology (ICT).
The course provider support after the course activities, eg. professional exchange in the field of the training, help to find partners for future school projects and job shadowing as well as contact with universities for Outdoor Education.

Programme of the training activities
The program has an experiential approach, to learn by experience, to reflect upon it and to be creative. Theory and practical modules are united in the field of science, math and art to gain skills in teaching interdisciplinary in the ‘out-of-doors’.

Everyday there will be hands on activities in the landscape to gain understanding and knowledge of outdoor education, the didactics in theory and practice. The first days programme is held in a rural context at the lake, forest and meadows and the last day in the city.

Daily participants will reflect upon
– What we have done
– What was the purpose and how can we use this back home/professionally
My personal goals for the course and what I have achieved so far

Day by Day
Sunday: Pick up service in Linköping and arrival at course venue in Björkfors. Get to know each other and the place. Introduction and expectations for the week using outdoor methods.

Monday: Presentation of the course team and participants, icebreakers. We begin our science theme; Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Participants will share experiences in each area. We use an investigative approach and tie together theory and practice. First up is the Theme Air “The Air is Like a Shimmering Bubble”. We investigate air, its properties and applications by workshops connected to the subjects. Participants share experiences and good practice. International evening where we share the participants’ specific culture, dance, music and food.

Tuesday: Theme Fire. “The Fire, man’s friend and enemy” Fire has always fascinated people and changed a long time ago, our way of life. Outdoor cooking in practice. Handicraft by the fire. In the evening, professional exchange by participants.

Wednesday: Theme Earth “The ground beneath our feet holds many secrets”. Theory lecture. Visit to nature reserve Idhult. Sessions and workshops on the way through the reserve area, the ecocycle is part of the theme. As all days, participants also share experiences and good practice.

Thursday: Theme Water “The Murmuring Music of the Water”. Visit to Horn’s school where teachers and students help us to explore its properties and applications by workshops. Outdoor lunch. Workshop on individual action plan for managing change and impact based on the training. Social and cultural Swedish evening.

Friday: Check out and travel to Linköping. Visit to Science Center Fenomenmagasinet. Lecture about “Technical phenomena in society and how to use it in education.” Sharing of experiences and good practice. Visit the Old City Linköping. Retrospect of the week and reflect upon how their professional goal has been met. Course evaluation and Closing ceremony.

The programme might change due to circumstances.

Course leaders
Presentation at www.ode.kinda.selänk till annan webbplats

Type of certification of attendance awarded
Certificate of attendance, signed by National Center for Outdoor Education, NCU, Kinda Education Centre and/or Mobility pass..

Who is the course for?
School and pre-schools: Teachers at level pre-primary, primary, secondary and special education. Other organisations: Staff working in educational organisations taking people out.

Place and cost
The course is in the south of Sweden, in Kinda Municipality close to the city Linköping.

Course fee 700 Euro, cost for food and accomodation will be added, about 620 Euro.
The course is residential, accommodation and food will be arranged by the organizer. For prices please contact us.



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