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About Outdoor Environmental Education

Is your organization going to apply for an Erasmus+ K1 project?

We can be your partner and course provider in the Erasmus+ project. For more about the application, please contact your National Agencylänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

We in the partnership deliver high quality courses. Programme is developed and delivered by partner Universities and professionals in the field of Outdoor Education and Learning. Course-leaders as well as course participants at the courses are from various nationalities and background.

Evaluation shows 100% of the participants recommend the course to colleagues and friends and more than 1200 pleased participants have attended until now.

What are the courses about?
The aim of the training is to broaden and deepen knowledge of outdoor education and learning as well as to share experiences in the European perspective. Different teaching methods and techniques for daily school life will be demonstrated, experienced and reflected upon.

Each course has a mix of practical modules, workshops and a few lectures. Outdoor Environmental Education programmes include a range of outdoor and indoor activities including personal and social development and (where possible) also visits to a school.

For each day of the programme we will reflect on what we have done and how we can use the ideas we learnt when we return home.

Outdoor education – What is it?
Outdoor Education is a holistic approach to learning. By implementing outdoor education and learning we expect more motivated students, long lasting learning and less drop outs from school. Outdoor Education is also an approach that aims to provide learning in interplay between experience and reflection, based on concrete experience in authentic situations.

Outdoor Education is also an interdisciplinary research and education field, which involves, among other things:

  • the learning space being moved out into life in society, the natural and cultural environment
  • the interplay between sensory experience and book – learning being emphasized
  • the importance of place being underlined.

Tailor made in-service training
We offer professional training in co-operation with our partners Linköping University, Edinburgh University and other professionals such as Outdoored. If you are a group we can offer a course on Outdoor Learning based on your needs. We will ask the most appropriate partners according to your request. Please contact us for further information.

Job shadow opportunities
Kinda Municipality and our schools are open for general job shadowing, from nursery, pre-primary, primary, vocational college to adult education. We also look for receiving partners for job shadowing.

More than 1200 pleased participants from all around Europe have attended the courses. The course leaders are experienced professionals and teachers at University Masters Programmes of Outdoor Education and Learning in Europe.

Course Offer
The courses are for teachers from pre-primary to headmasters, outdoor educators and decisionmakers. The foundation courses are run in four countries. The courses are experiential based and you will have a lot of ideas to take home as well as didactical development of how to implement teaching and learning outdoors.

The courses are based on the same foundation but also differ from each other by content, environment and team of leaders. The Outdoor Leadership course, you develop your leadership skills leading groups and process outdoors. At the Outdoor Environmental Education courses you develop scill to teach curriculum content in the outdoors – in the school yard, park or in the more wild venue.

After the course you will be able to teach outside the classroom as well as having a plan to implement what you learned in your school. During the course you meet professionals from around Europe as well as the field of knowledge in a European perspective.

Courses in the past
For the last 13 years we have had In-service teacher training courses with participants from all around Europe.

Do you want to be informed by email when a new course is advertised?
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Since 2002 we provide courses.The courses are products of the former Socrates Comenius project 2.1 no: 71609-CP-3-2001-1-SE-CO and has since then been developed further.


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